Empower yourself to live your life to the fullest.  Dismantle roadblocks and pave a path to a renewed, vibrant and healthy life.

Unlock your true potential

Deep within each of us, a subconscious script guides our actions and stifles our true potential. In order to achieve real change, these drivers need to be disarmed.

Discover your deepest self and unlock the hidden mechanisms that disrupt your life. Release the baggage that holds you back, and achieve total well-being in body, mind, and spirit.

This transformative program is a complete reset, taking your life to new heights and helping you achieve health on all levels of being.


Tired of having to sieve through the jumble of information to achieve a fulfilling and healthy life?

You’re not alone. Many people struggle to navigate the sea of conflicting advice and opinions when it comes to balancing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Do you need help figuring out where to start your journey towards better health?

Does the endless and overwhelming sea of information and resources out there make you hesitate?

Or the very thought of finding time in your busy schedule for yet another program seems daunting?

Introducing the
AHŌ Limit-less 90-Day Journey

A fresh approach that acknowledges the hurdles you’ve encountered and dismantles them one by one, offering comprehensive solutions with remarkable simplicity.


Overcoming Your Toughest Obstacles

Imagine a single, reliable source that guides you through the wellbeing maze. Our comprehensive approach based around daily routines dissolves obstacles, paving the way toward a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a fulfilled heart.

From Plateau to Progress

Have you felt the frustration of plateauing in your journey to well-being? It’s a common roadblock. The AHŌ Limit-Less Journey moves you from  stagnation and transforms it into momentum. Our tried and tested  methodology brings you past those sticking points, reigniting your journey toward your goals.


Sustainable Transformation

Worried about embarking on a new lifestyle journey only to see it fizzle out? We understand this concern. That’s why our program isn’t just about short-term fixes—it’s about nurturing lasting change. Our approach is tailored to ensure that the transformation you achieve is one you can maintain.

Empowerment and Motivation

Need help keeping that initial burst of motivation alive? We’ve all been there. The AHŌ Limit-Less Journey is built to be your ongoing source of inspiration. We provide the tools to stay empowered and host weekly live check-in sessions to keep you motivated throughout your journey.  Our  holistic approach encompasses your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Rising Above Old Habits

Do you feel like you’re constantly taking two steps forward, one step back? You’re not alone. Breaking old habits is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. This is something that we have considered deeply.  Our program is designed to help you overcome your old habits and replace them with new, positive ones that will stick.

I'm ready to transform my life.

This is the only program you will ever need to create the best version of you.

"We cannot become what we want by maintaining what we are."
- Max Depree

Hi, I'm Paul!

My journey has taken me from the grueling terrains of extreme sports to the profound depths of ancient wisdom traditions. Along the way, I’ve delved into the intricate mechanisms of human performance, both physically and spiritually.

As a former long-distance expedition athlete, I’ve pushed my body to its limits, racing non-stop for days through some of the harshest environments on Earth. This experience fueled my fascination with human resilience and the untapped potential that lies within us all.

My academic background, including a master’s degree in athletic performance, provided me with a scientific understanding of the human body and its extraordinary capabilities. I spent two decades training high-profile athletes and celebrities, helping them to achieve peak performance and unlock their inner potential.

Drawn by the quest for deeper understanding, I embarked on a decade-long exploration of ancient wisdom traditions. Immersing myself in the profound healing and spiritual techniques of indigenous cultures, I discovered the power of connecting with our deepest selves and tapping into the vast reservoir of wisdom that lies within.

Currently pursuing a PhD in transpersonal psychology and psychedelic studies, I seek to unravel the mysteries of the human psyche and liberate individuals from the shackles of trauma and self-imposed limitations.

My unique blend of experience and expertise allows me to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science. I’ve developed transformative techniques that go beyond mere symptom management, empowering individuals to experience profound healing and create lasting change in their lives.

What’s Included

Connect from wherever you are in the world. You’ll have access to our complete resource of tools that will help you transcend the tethers that restrict you in life. Within a few minutes each morning and evening we give you the resources to reduce stress, focus the mind, clear emotional barriers and strengthen the body.

Weekly Routines

Each week we deliver a new set of routines. These morning and evening routines are designed to slot in with your daily rhythm.

Transformative Tools​

Unlock your transformation with guided meditations, breathwork, and mindfulness exercises that will help you tap into your deepest potential.

Culinary Exploration

Explore the world of food and nutrition with three inspiring philosophies and over 50 delicious recipes.


Discover daily movement practices that keep you toned and optimizes muscle engagement.

Circadian Reset

Improve your sleep and vitality by unleashing the power of your natural sleep wake cycle.

Monthly Workshops​

Immerse yourself in live mastermind sessions, where you'll gain access to wisdom that will transcend your limits.

Weekly Check-In

Connect with our supportive team as they guide you through each step of your journey, providing you with encouragement and accountability.

AHŌ Community​

Join a tribe of fellow seekers on the path to a healthier, happier way of living.

This immersive program is a complete transformation of your approach to health and wellbeing. It goes far deeper than most programs, reaching down to the cellular level and rewiring your neurological pathways. You'll emerge with a new mindset and a healthier way of living that will last a lifetime.

I've loved the breathwork part of the program. The sessions leave me feeling so open, relaxed, and peaceful.
Ben C
AHŌ’s 90-day program took the guesswork out of my approach and has taken my quality of living to another level.
Susan B
Paul's AHŌ program offers a plethora of tools that empowered me to live my best self. I felt physically more energized, more in control of my mental state, and had an overall better sense of calm. I HIGHLY recommend Paul's life-changing AHŌ program.
Mark M
This program has all the best things for your body that you've wanted to try but needed someone to introduce you to in a digestible way. It isn't easy to do what is best for your body and mind, but this program makes it frictionless by coaching you through an incremental program.
Sunita L

Do Any of the Following Sound Like You?

If you answered yes to even one of the above questions, The AHŌ Limit-Less Journey is for you.

AHŌ Limit-Less: Why You Need it

Discover the game-changer that most programs overlook – all of us are an entanglement of the physical systems that govern our bodies.

The emotional drivers that dictate our behaviors, and our minds that confine us within limiting beliefs – The AHŌ Limit-Less journey skillfully frees us from the confines within each of these elements. 

With over two decades of experience in the wellness space, time spent with indigenous cultures, and science-backed research, Paul has discovered that true wellbeing is about treating a person as a whole.  It’s about revolutionizing your approach to life, dismantling hidden barriers that keep you stuck, and unlocking your ability to thrive.

What Sets AHŌ Limit-Less Apart?

While most programs focus on superficial aspects of well-being, AHŌ Limit-Less delves into the core elements that truly shape your life: mindset, stress management, sleep quality, and behavioral patterns.

Introducing a Transformation Beyond the Surface

By addressing these fundamental aspects of your being, AHŌ Limit-Less empowers you to break free from limiting beliefs and habits, creating a life of boundless vitality and fulfillment. It's not just a program; it's a journey of transformation, leading you towards a life of limitless possibilities.

Unveiling Your Potential

Identify Hidden Barriers: This program will shine a light on the invisible hurdles that sabotage your success.

Equip Yourself with Tools: Armed with newfound awareness, we'll provide you with a toolkit of strategies and habits to dismantle those barriers, one by one.

Create Unshakable Routines: Habit-forming daily rituals will solidify these life changing behaviors and forge a clear path to success.

Elevate Every Aspect of You: AHŌ Limit-Less is about feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally empowered.

$ 897

single payment

For less than $10 per day you get:

Habit building morning and evening routines

Weekly meditations with Paul

Releasing breathwork

Reset your sleep wake cycle

Nutritional plans with over 50 recipes

Workout circuits used by celebrities

Exclusive Limit~Less community support

LIVE workshops with Paul

Your Revitalized Life Awaits!

Untangle yourself from past restraints and step fully into a new way of experiencing total wellbeing.
Secure your spot now and embrace Limit-Less possibilities


Most frequent questions and answers

The Limit-Less plan is a 12 week self lead program.  Each week you will gain access to new morning and evening routines.

We recommend doing them daily for maximum results.  However, if you can only manage to fit them in a few times a week that is fine too.  Lots of our members find that after a few weeks they easily adjust their schedule to fit them in

Yes!  You can download our app (available on iPhone or Android) which hosts all of the content.  Or you can view it through a web browser, either on your phone or on your laptop.

The program has been designed so that you can do it anywhere, and with no specialist equipment.  That said, you might want to invest in a yoga mat and an exercise ball for some of the workout circuits.

No problem, we’d love to hear from you.  Drop us an email at [email protected]