Instant gratification

Gratification: Understanding our reward feedback loop

Humans are coded with a reward feedback loop.  When we experience something pleasurable, we get a release of pleasant hormones. This is how our minds learn to repeat the behavior. We are also in an unprecedented time in history where we have become so good at refining everything to the addictive level – sugar, juice, caffeine, TV, social media, being busy, etc. Society is at the point where we have trouble living without this constant gratification. 

We all crave constant gratification


Know your triggers

Periodically it is good to see how many times you look for gratification throughout the day.  It is the difference between hedonic and homeostatic desires.  Hedonic desires are based on this positive feedback loop; for example, eating a chocolate bar.  Homeostatic desires are based on maintaining equilibrium internally.  Often, we find ourselves out of balance and out of touch with these desires, especially when our stress responses take over and we are looking for anything to give us a small reprieve.

Monitoring your decision-making will give you a sense of how you gratify. Ask yourself “why did I choose to eat this” or “why am I watching this movie”, we do not always realize it, but we gratify because we are trying to hide something we are feeling inside

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